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Upcoming events

    • 14 Dec 2023
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (CST)
    • Bold Republic 7070 Stonehollow, Temple, TX 76502

    Please join us as we celebrate another successful year!  We will recognize current board members, introduce our new 2024 Board, AND RECOGNIZE OUR IMPACT AWARD WINNERS!!! Lots of fun, don’t miss out!

    • 10 Jan 2024
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (CST)
    • Dead Fish Grill 2207 Lake Rd Belton, TX



    Tonya Lennox, Lead Outreach & Education Coordinator - EEOC, Dallas District


    Coming soon!


    Coming soon!


    If you cannot make the event, please let us know by noon on the Friday prior to the event by sending us an to email We can cancel your registration and issue a credit to your account. Please note, credits will not be issued after the deadline, as we pay the venue based on the number of attendees reserved - including no-shows.


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Past events

8 Nov 2023 Internal Investigations
11 Oct 2023 Sexual Harassment
13 Sep 2023 Winning the War for Talent through Removing Barriers to Employment
9 Aug 2023 Understanding the Public Sector HR
12 Jul 2023 Educating HR Professionals on Funding Strategies and New Creative Options
14 Jun 2023 Classification of Employee as Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt Under FLSA
10 May 2023 Ethical Issues in Talent Acquisition
28 Apr 2023 CenTex SHRM Annual Conference
8 Mar 2023 An Intro to Documentation, Directives, and Discipline
8 Feb 2023 What We Should Be Telling Our Managers About The ADA, But May Not Be
11 Jan 2023 HR Compliance Update: Classifying Well For the DOL (and Other Agencies)
8 Dec 2022 CenTex SHRM - Holiday Mixer
9 Nov 2022 Leveraging Total Rewards Strategies to Address Employee Engagement & Navigating Business Challenges
12 Oct 2022 When Workplace Investigations Go Wrong - Labor and Employment Law
14 Sep 2022 Balancing Your Organization's Online Presence with Increasing Security Threats
10 Aug 2022 Career Transition from the Business Partner Lense
13 Jul 2022 Self Care for HR Pros
8 Jun 2022 Top 10 Wage and Hour Mistakes to Avoid
11 May 2022 Transforming Your Team from Dysfunction to Cohesion
21 Apr 2022 CTHRMA Annual Conference
9 Mar 2022 HR Beyond COVID: Preparing the Way for the Post-Pandemic Workforce
9 Feb 2022 Changes in Employment Law under the Biden Administration
12 Jan 2022 The “Next Normal” in HR: The Future Workforce
9 Dec 2021 CTHRMA - Holiday Mixer
11 Nov 2021 Workplace Violence an Employer Safety Consideration, a 21st Century Dilemma
14 Oct 2021 Why Employers Need to Think of AI as an “Employee”
9 Sep 2021 Maintaining Team Cohesion in Turbulent Times
12 Aug 2021 Marijuana, Oral Fluids and the Future of Workplace Drug Testing
8 Jul 2021 Uncovering Unconscious Bias
10 Jun 2021 The Yellow Cake Principle
13 May 2021 What Happened to My Daddy's Job?
8 Apr 2021 Be Bold: Inclusive Behavior Through Courageous Conversations
11 Mar 2021 Confidence Through Chaos
11 Feb 2021 I Make Folks Unfireable!
14 Jan 2021 My Journey Towards Recovery and How My EAP Played a Pivotal Role
12 Mar 2020 CTHRMA March Monthly Luncheon
13 Feb 2020 CTHRMA February Luncheon
9 Jan 2020 CTHRMA January Monthly Luncheon
12 Dec 2019 Holiday Miixer
14 Nov 2019 It's Not Your Father's Apprenticeship
8 Aug 2019 August Monthly Luncheon - Workplace Transformation: Navigating the New Normal
11 Jul 2019 July Monthly Luncheon - Policy and Procedure for Company Fleet Accidents
8 Nov 2018 November Monthly Luncheon
11 Oct 2018 October Monthly Luncheon
9 Aug 2018 August Monthly Luncheon


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